Why Choose St Andrews Christian College?

Hear from our School Captains:

“St Andrews has given me incredible experiences and memories from Prep to Year 12.  I have truly appreciated the opportunities to grow in my faith and in developing my leadership skills.

I believe this is such a great quality of this school and have personally loved getting to know other kids. Also, this year we had the privilege to get prep buddies who wished to pray for us.  I loved getting to know my buddies and seeing them around the yard.

The teachers at St Andrews are top quality.  My Year 6 teacher, Mrs Cullen, to this day, has been one of my inspirations to become a teacher.  The teachers I have for Year 12 have been super supportive and always go the extra mile in helping me with study.  Without them and the school’s community characteristic, I would struggle much more throughout Year 12.

The most significant quality of St Andrews is the focus on God. I love that teachers care about our growth journey with God and how we are going spiritually.  Here, we are encouraged to learn that following God and seeking him is the most important thing in life, no matter the circumstances.”

- Sophie Wade


I chose to go to St Andrews because I love the academic and spiritual opportunities that come from being at a Christian college. The environment is very uplifting and free. The classes are small which makes it great for students who need one-on-one time with teachers.

The teachers are encouraging which creates a very comfortable learning environment.  I’ve grown closer with my friends every year I’ve been here. When I finish at the end of this year, I’m going to miss the people here, the camps and the freedom to share my faith with others. I thoroughly enjoy being able to go to Bible Study and having opportunities to lead in both the classroom and the school as a whole.

There is a strong community presence at this school, which makes every day enjoyable. People are not judgmental, but kind and encouraging. You can tell that the people here love God – not just the staff, but the students as well.

- Daniel Terrington


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