Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the College will be held on Thursday 31st May 2018 in the Innovation Centre Meeting Room, commencing at 7:30pm. Please refer to the official notice regarding the items to be discussed and presented at the meeting.

All members of the College Community are invited to attend this important meeting.

As per the College’s constitution there will be two vacant board positions available. Mr Alan MacGavin, a current Board member, is seeking renomination. Any member of the College community who is willing to serve on the Board is encouraged to consider nominating for board membership. Please refer to the College websites that outlines the role and responsibilities for a Board Member.

If you would like any further information about becoming a Board Member, please don’t hesitate to contact me or a current member of the Board.

Darren Waterworth

Company Secretary/Business Manager


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