St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Christian College Board News

May 2016

Our Board meeting tonight followed from our Annual General Meeting. It was good to have a few members of the school community attending the AGM. Our current board members, John O’Donnell and Sab Ambrosino were re-nominated by the AGM to continue on the Board of St Andrews. We wait for this nomination to be approved by the relevant committee of the Presbyterian Church.

We are excited to know that our principal continues to share what is happening at St Andrews in a number of different settings. We also appreciate that this is an extra load for her to take on with her principal duties. She was a keynote presenters at the National Policy Forum for Christian Schools Australia recently.

Every year the board reviews their policies. Tonight we have re-affirmed our Board Appointments Policy (with some minor changes) and the Board OH&S Policy.

At the end of April, we spent a day together with the Executive Leadership Team to begin a longer discussion about the future strategy of the college. We spent a lot of time in prayer and then in discussion. We have every reason to believe that God is preparing a bright future for St Andrews Christian College.