St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Christian College Board News

September 2016

At the recent Board meeting we heard from Stephen Doherty who, for the last fifteen years, has been the CEO of Christian Schools Australia.  CSA is a leading industry group supporting Christian education and Christian Schools across Australia and St Andrews has been a member of this group for many years.

Stephen has been an incredibly faithful, diligent and effective leader of this group and does a lot of work with political leaders at the state and federal level.  He is now moving on to new challenges so it was good for the Board to meet with him and discuss the future of Christian education and St Andrews.

The Board discussed a number of issues with Stephen including the legislation tabled by the Andrews government that removes the exemption that allows Christian Schools like St Andrews to require staff to be believers.  The Board believes that this legislation is ideologically driven and will make it hard for us to maintain and guard the Christian distinctiveness in our community.  We believe all members of staff are ambassadors of Christ and therefore their faith is an inherent requirement regardless of their other duties.  Please pray for wisdom for our political leaders as they debate this legislation.

The Board also reviewed and approved the 2017 budget in this meeting.  We are happy to state that the College is financially stable and, through God’s provision, we are building a firm foundation on which to continue to build the College.