Democratic Statement

The College Board affirms the ongoing commitment of the College to adhere to the following democratic principles:

  • elected government
  • the rule of law
  • equal rights for all before the law
  • freedom of religion
  • freedom of speech and association
  • the values of openness and tolerance

These principles are expounded within the College community through their application in College policies and procedures.

College Constitution

St Andrews, as an incorporated company, is governed by a Constitution which was drawn up when the College was first established.  From time to time during the College’s history this Constitution, which is alternately known as The Articles of Association, has been updated.

The Constitution mainly focuses on the appointment and duties of the Board (or Council as it is referred to in the Constitution).  The expectation is that all other operational and strategic decisions regarding the College will be taken by the Board or through their delegates, the Staff of the College.  In  practice, the Board limits itself to strategic decision making and governance, with all operational decisions being delegated to the Principal and the senior staff.  This makes the appointment and performance management of the Principal a key responsibility of the Board.

To access the current version of the College Constitution click here.