Strategic Directions

St Andrews Christian College Future

2013 was a year of consolidation in establishing the new structure of the College into a Junior, Middle and Senior School.

This restructure has helped to grow student numbers, improve student retention, improve management and leadership and focus on learning and teaching. The restructure has strengthened and introduced more programs and initiatives across the school and provided a solid platform for the College to continually strive for excellence-in-Christ. The educational, social, emotional and spiritual advantages of the new structure will continue to be significant for the ongoing improvement for all our students, each of the sections and for the whole College.

In establishing future goals for St Andrews Christian College, many factors have been considered by the College Board, Executive Leadership Team and Staff. These include:

  • Consolidation of our Vision and Mission
  • Validation of the purpose of St Andrews Christian College
  • Identifying our distinctives as a College
  • Collection and analysis of relevant data, including Staff/Parent/Student Surveys, academic results, individual student improvement rates, retention rates of staff and students
  • Consolidation of 10 Year Financial Plan and Master Plan
  • Ongoing discussions and presentations to the Board, Staff and Parent body on the progress of the College

Improvement Plan

To continue to grow a dynamic, leading Christian school, St Andrews Christian College has developed an extensive Improvement Plan to identify areas for consolidation and improvement.

This Improvement Plan is articulated in our Strategic Directions 2021-2023 brochure.

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