Alumni Association


Christian greetings and blessings to you all.

It is my pleasure on behalf of St Andrews Christian College, to officially launch the Alumni Association, an exciting initiative this year. The College has just over 40 years of history since its inception in 1983 at Surrey Hills, Victoria. I believe the Alumni represents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and remember God’s faithfulness in each student’s life journey from small beginnings to diverse roles and achievements that take place after leaving the school gates.

Our purpose in setting up the Alumni are as follows:

• To connect past students and staff to each other and the present College community.
• To promote the College and its Christian Education goals and vision to bring glory to God.
• To keep people informed about College’s activities so that they can be in prayer for the Gospel work in the community.
• To create a network of professional contacts and open doors of opportunities for volunteer and mentorship work among students.
• To preserve the memories and honour the hard work of past staff and students in the history of the College.
• Last but not least, to enable the students of past and present to care and share the joys and tears of their journeys and to mutually encourage one another and the wider College community.

I would like to invite all past students and staff to connect with us by logging in to our Alumni portal at  and becoming a valued St Andrews Alumni.  Your feedback/ideas/suggestions are most welcome! Email me at

We are God’s workers, working together – 1 Corinthians 3:9


Peter Friend
Communications & Marketing Manager