2023 Booklist

To view the 2023 booklist requirements for each year level from Year 7 – 12 click the relevant link below. Students are required to purchase all items, relevant to their year level and subject choices.

(Compulsory for all Mathematics students from years 9-12)
CAS Calculator Ordering Instructions

(Compulsory for all Science students from years 7-12)
Laboratory Coat & Safety Glasses

We strongly recommend you use our Booklist supplier Campion Education to ensure that the correct items are purchased. You will find all the relevant information for ordering on the front cover of the Booklist. Please note that St Andrews Christian College will no longer be collecting Booklists on behalf of Campion Education. Please submit Booklists directly to Campion Education.

If you wish to source second hand texts or sell current editions, we recommend the following:
Sustainable Bookshop sustainableschoolshop.com.au
Lilydale books lilydalebooks.com.au
I love Books ilovebooks.com.au

Please note Texts/Subscriptions required for the following subjects will be supplied by the school and charged to the Student Fee Account: Physics Unit 1&2 Psychology Units 1&2, Psychology Units 3&4, and Business Management Units 3&4. If you also have a child /children in Prep to Year 6, their Booklist materials are supplied internally and a levy will be charged to your school fee account.