College Prayer & Hymn

College Prayer

Almighty God, our Father in heaven,
May your holy name be honoured through our school.

We thank you for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.
We thank you for our families and friends.
We thank you for St Andrews Christian College.
We thank you for our nation, Australia.

Please help us to be diligent in our learning.
Help us to develop our talents and gifts to fulfil
The plans and purposes you have for our lives.

May your Word guide and teach us how to live
so that our lives will bring glory to your name.

We ask this in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


College Hymn

O Lord our great God, how majestic your name is!
How great is your name, Lord, in all the wide earth!
Your glory is higher than all your creation,
And children sing praises that tell of your worth.

I think of the worlds that you’ve hung out in space, Lord,
the moon and the stars – all creation above,
And wonder how ever you think of each person
and want us, each one, to discover your love.


How Majestic your name is
How Majestic your name is Lord
Your glory is higher
Your glory is higher

Yet man is unlike all earth’s creatures
For in the beginning God made us His image to bear.
He crowned man with glory and honour, and told us that we in his work of dominion might share.

M.V Old