Mission at St Andrews Christian College

In our individualistic and affluent society, it is so important for our children to learn how to serve and think of others, and we do this by studying Jesus’ life. Our Lord Jesus Christ did not come to be served, but to serve. We serve in response to our relationship with God and our love for Him and others.


We don’t serve because we have to, we serve because we want to and are motivated into action through God’s grace and transformation in our lives. Transformation allows us to respond in service with a heart of joy and thankfulness.


Our growing service and mission activities are not things to boast about or what defines us as Christians and as a Christian College. What ultimately defines all of us is our personal relationship with the Lord and our desire to glorify Him and serve Him with the gifts, talents and resources He has given us.


To find out more details about why St Andrews does mission trips and our upcoming opportunities, please download our brochure and information pack