Year 12 Testimonials 2016

Year 12 Testimonials 2016

Andrew Thomas

I came to this College in Year 9 (2013) and made lots of friends. My experience at this College was very exciting and joyful. I always received help from teachers and students whenever I had a problem with my studies. Years 11 & 12 were the best of my 4 years at school because of how close I got with students and teachers. Year 12 is hard. “Yes!”  But we must not forget that it is the last year at school. Without having a bit of fun, it’s just another year of exhausting studies.  I’d like to thank the College for a great experience!


Ashley Diamantis

Originally my parents sent me to St Andrews in order to develop good character, morals, and opportunities for quality education, setting me up for the future. But throughout my 13 years at the College, not only have I established my own worldview, made friendships for life and developed skills necessary to go out into the world, but the College has helped me form my identity, and assisted me through the process of finding who I am to be in this world. I urge those to take the most out of the opportunities given to them, because time does fly by a lot faster than you think; seize the day, and don’t take any moment for granted. Thank you for everyone who has helped me grow – teachers, students and parents.  I hope that the College can continue to assist people in finding their purpose.

Benjamin Lohning

St Andrews has been a major part of my life for the last 4 ½ years, not only because I was required to be here from 8:45 to 3:30, 5 days per week, but also because of the relationships I have formed. The College has helped me become the person I am today, it has provided me with many opportunities I would otherwise not have had.


Brayden Stehr

I came to St Andrews in Grade 5 during term 4.  Being part of this College has allowed me to develop as an individual, through meeting people that are now close friends. Interschool sports, athletics days and cross country days were always something I looked forward to, as I am in fact the “2 x running sports champion” at St Andrews. Throughout my time at St Andrews, I have been able to develop good working relationships with teachers and shared many memories. They cared and aided me throughout my schooling and all the way to the finish. They are great.


Caleb Loy

If I had one word to describe my time at St Andrews it would be “growth”.  I grew from an antisocial person to an outgoing person through the good and the bad times.


Caleb Ho

I came to St Andrews Christian College at the end of the first term in 2015. I did not know what to expect or think when I came here. I just thought that another chapter of my life had started and I am going to embrace it. God has given me a second chance and I am going to take it. I had a blast in this school, the teachers are great, caring and loving. They are always there if I needed help and comfort me when I am down. The environment here is also great, good facilities and great friendships. I met my 4 best friends in this College which I will cherish forever. This College has given me all the things that I lacked when I was in Malaysia – friendship, great schooling experience, education, caring teachers and good environment to help me in my studies. I love this College and I wished that I had come to this school earlier so that I can enjoy the life more.


David Anderson

Through St Andrews Christian College I have gained many important life lessons and grown in many ways. My enjoyment of the College can be summarised with the first few months of prep. I kicked the teacher in the face on my first day, an accident of course, by attempting to go home with my mum. Within a few weeks however, the College became my whole world. On the first day of holidays, I was devastated when I discovered there was no school. Likewise, my entire school experience has had its many extreme ups and downs, but through the relationships with teachers and friends, of the learning experiences and growing spiritually, mentally, and physically, the College has taught me many invaluable life lessons. As exciting as graduating is, I’m saddened at the thought of leaving the College in which the teachers were like parents and the friends like family. However, it has given me one of the greatest opportunities of living a fulfilling life, and I intend to make full use of that gift.


Gabrielle Longden

I was home-schooled until Year 4, before beginning a journey at St Andrews. For the first 2 weeks, I spent my lunchtimes alone, afraid to make new friends. But after those first few weeks, I made a friend for life, and since then, my friendships have grown in a loving and caring environment. The experiences I have had at St Andrews have helped me to grow in my faith, character and confidence. The College community has made me feel welcomed and supported in everything I do and has encouraged me in my schooling and my walk with God. Having this support will continue to influence my decisions as I leave the College and follow the path God has planned for me. I look forward to seeing the College continue to grow and inspire others in Christ’s love.


Ingrid Scheepers

My St Andrews experience began in 2009, Year 5. To say I was daunted to begin at a new school is an understatement. New people to meet, new friends to make, new classes to adjust to. This was a lot for a ten-year-old to handle. But really, I had nothing to worry about. The people here were so welcoming and loving that I already felt so at home within the first couple days of school. I made friends fast, friends that will remain with me until even after my schooling finishes. Even now, in Year 12, I will always remember the little, strange, eclectic, but loveable family that is my class. Not only that, but I will appreciate the support from the teachers so much—they really do care so much about their students’ success, but also wellbeing.

Thank you, St Andrews, for giving me such a wonderful experience!


Jennifer Zhou

One word to describe these years of time spent in St Andrews Christian College would probably be “warmth”.  It felt like a small group of family instead of a big group of individuals.


Jessica Ireson

I am so grateful to have attended such a great school for a majority of my life. Throughout the entire 13 years I have attended St Andrews, I have felt so supported and encouraged by everyone around me. I have loved experiencing and getting used to the changes at the College. From big things like moving sites, to more personal things like having old friends leave and new friends come, St Andrews has remained just as Christ-centred as always. I am thankful for all of the teachers who have helped shape me to become the person I am and for the amazing friendships I have developed, some of which were first formed in Prep and have continued until today. Thank you to everyone who helps make St Andrews the wonderful way it is.


Kanishka Illesinghe

From the day I joined St Andrews Christian College I have learnt a lot of different skills and experiences. I have been to 4 schools in Oman, Sri Lanka and lastly Australia and I think that this is the best school that I have been.   I have got a good friendship group with my class mates and also other children from other Year levels too. The teachers in St Andrews Christian College have supported me from the day I joined this College to accomplish and also help me achieve my goals. It’s the best school that I’ve been to as there is also a lot of help and guidance from my classmates.  It has been a great time at this College.


Mark Steven

When you’re a kid becoming an adult, getting out of school seems like the best thing ever! Now that I’m finally here, I just want to go back. I came in Year 8 (2012) and made some amazing friends. We played basketball, made rafts, explored Rembrandts all of which is detailed in our confessional.  In Year 9, Andrew Thomas came to College, we became best friends and achieved great things in our time here at St Andrews.

As a student you will hear many times that Year 12 is the worst year in the world. I speak the truth when I say, this was my best year as I built on many of my relationships with friends and teachers. School is short, by the time you get to the end you’ll be amazed at how quickly it went by. Make sure you have no regrets, whether it’s if you studied too hard or didn’t study at all.  Friends make this ride go a whole lot faster.


Melanie Chin

My time at St Andrews started in Prep 2004. I remember feeling like I could be friends with everyone and that I would never leave school (I just had too much fun!). My first friend at school was one Ashley Diamantis, we were seated next to each other on our first day which obviously meant we were best friends. It’s been a good 13 years with all these friends and I’ll have different memories of each and every one of them. I’m super thankful at how St Andrews has shaped me into what I am today. Our teachers have cared about and loved us immensely and now it feels bittersweet to say goodbye to all you guys. Thanks so much for being my family and a home for me for the majority of my life.


Nathanael Lim

My time in St Andrews Christian College will stay with me through my future endeavors. The community itself, God centered, tightly knit, will indeed be missed. It is only through the passing of time do you come to appreciate the people you meet and the experiences of school. School for me, like any other, started with fear, apprehension, and discomfort. Yet it would be wrong for me to say that the years spent in this community amounted to nothing, for I had grown closer to God through this part of my life. I was given the opportunity to be School Captain. Daunting at first, such a responsibility seemed overwhelming to me. Yet through the support of friends, family, teachers and God, I can truly say, “I have run a good race!”

I thank the teachers, who saw me through the tough times. So often we belittle the jobs of those in authority, we mock and challenge the actions of those we do not like. Yet the amount of courage and patience, wisdom and conviction, shall never be understood until we ourselves, become teachers ordained by God to influence the next generations.

I thank the friends whom I journeyed through life together. Though as we move on, live our own lives, in the very sad possibility that we may never meet again, the moments we have shared shall never be forgotten. Looking back, I cannot see an alternate possibility of me attending another school, it is impossible. The relationships I have built, the things I have achieved. It scares me a little to think what my life would have been if I did stay in Singapore. I would not be the same, that much can be concluded.


Nicole Jones

I arrived at St Andrews at the start of Grade 5 as a shy, daunted 10 year old who was going to school for the first time in her life. I had only ever been homeschooled up until then and I was very nervous about how this new experience would go. There seemed to be so many people and it was very loud and scary. Despite this it didn’t take long for me to make friends and start to feel at home. The next 8 years, which have brought me to the next new stage gave me a strong foundation on which to build the rest of my life. I have made many strong friendships and been blessed to have some amazing teachers. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Simran Sewani

Although I only came to St Andrews in Year 9, I honestly feel like I have been a part of this College since the beginning. Over the years, I have had numerous ups and downs – both inside and outside of school. I wouldn’t be the same girl I am today without the St Andrews community. I’ve made many new friends, some amazing bonds and precious relationships with peers and my teachers. I have also made an extensive bank of memories that I will cherish with me throughout my life. I am extremely thankful for these past four years at St Andrews and as I move onto the next phase in my life, I’ll remember everything that St Andrews has taught me and carry it with me.