2020 School Satisfaction Survey Results

2020 School Satisfaction Survey Results

Vividus Marketing have just released their findings into the performance of St Andrews Christian College for the 2020 school year. A comprehensive study was undertaken across all facets of the College’s activities and a number of findings emerged in regard to the College’s overall performance and satisfaction levels.

Considering the difficult year we had with COVID-19 and the constant changes in schooling from face-to-face to remote learning, the results of the 2020 Survey are very encouraging and continue to reflect a positive and affirming community regarding College operations.

Response Rates

Response rates in undertaking the Survey were higher in 2020.

Student response rate – 90%

Staff response rate – 91%

Parent response rate – 37.3%


  • Despite the difficult year, our focus on Christ and reliance on God united our staff and community.
  • A minor, negative theme was noticed in the parent responses in their struggle with remote learning. Responses could have been affected by parent frustration with all the changes to do with COVID.
  • 44% of new students are referred to the College by a friend/family member.
  • The focus on being a caring, connected and communicative community, committed to continuous growth and learning helped the College to successfully complete 2020.

Positive Responses:

  • Strong Christian emphasis throughout the College.
  • Teachers gladly provide help and support students when needed.
  • Quality teaching.
  • Encouragement from teachers to students to achieve to the best of their ability.
  • The College’s friendly/inclusive and supportive atmosphere.
  • Staff and Parents work cooperatively to deliver high educational outcomes for students.
  • The College’s Vision and Mission are integrated into school life.
  • Staff are approachable and available to help.
  • Responsiveness and guidance from our Chaplain has been so appreciated and valued.
  • There are opportunities to engage in service to others.
  • Day-to-day organisation and management is done well
  • Clear and effective communications to the community.
Suggested Ideas for Improvement Action
Availability of scholarships. Our College is full and has huge waiting lists.  There is no need to offer scholarships at this stage.

We do give bursaries to families in need.


Convenient parking/drop off and pick up at the school. Continues to be a challenge.

We keep trying new initiatives and work with Knox City Council on this problem, but the congestion will only ease if more families walked to school or arrange pick up from Knox shops.


Questions about the need for Middle School. To continue to grow in ‘Excellence in Christ’ we have seen the importance of moving to be a Primary/Secondary model.

2021 is the transition year of undertaking this change.


Need for parent webinars. Due to the success of parent webinars in 2020, we will look at further opportunities to present webinars.


Desire for a café on site. Café currently being built!


More student extension programs and choice of sports. We already undertake many programs to extend students.  Further programs will be considered in 2021 – 2023.


Improved House system. Targetted for 2022.


More choice in subject areas. We actually offer as many elective subjects as other schools, except in Manual Arts.  The costs for facilities in Manual Arts does not equal the demand from students wanting to undertake these subjects.  Our focus at St Andrews Christian College continues to be providing a more academic path for students who desire to go to university.