2021 School Satisfaction Survey Results

2021 School Satisfaction Survey Results

Vividus Marketing have recently released their findings into the performance of St Andrews Christian College for the 2021 school year. A comprehensive study was undertaken across all facets of the College’s activities and a number of findings emerged in regard to the College’s overall performance and satisfaction levels.

Overall, there was a slight decline in our results for 2021. Apparently there has been a general decline in satisfaction results throughout most schools, due to COVID and the augmented time of remote learning that all families and staff had to endure.

Even though overall attitudes were slightly down, our results are still relatively high and encouraging, especially in the understanding of the College’s Mission, Purpose and reason we exist as a Christian school. The positive indicators that recognise and support our Christian emphasis, ethos and values are especially important in the culture of the College.

The best way to understand the community’s responses in the survey is to study the results in the summary 2021 graphs within the report below. The last section of this report “Comparison to Previous Years”, tracks our results from 2011 to 2021 and gives a good snapshot of our progress.

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