Board News – July

Board News – July

College Board News – July 15th 2021

Sadly, we were once again meeting online. The pending lockdown has been thrust upon us once again, so it was good to be online.

We were looking forward to hearing from Yvonne Hughes, but with all that needed to be done at the last minute to prepare for online learning again, she didn’t join us. We look forward to enjoying her presentation next time.

In our June meeting we updated the College Enrolment Policy and the Statement of Belief. These have now been updated on the College website.

Our principal, Catriona Wansbrough, presented the updated Strategic Directions for the College over the next three years. While it cannot encompass everything the College aims for, it reminds us of four strategic priorities that the College seeks to live by. There is also a profile of a graduate of St Andrews, the attributes we hope to see building in students at College and continuing to be evident in life after College. The board have enthusiastically supported this document. Please keep an eye out for it when it is printed and shared.

We were pleased to hear that a new deputy principal has been appointed. We welcome Nick Haines to the role of Deputy Principal – Operations in 2022. Please join us in praying for Nick as he prepares for this task. He will be working alongside Michael Swanborough who will be Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching.

Our Business manager continues to keep us updated on our financial status and property matters. We are all looking forward to the café ‘Taste ‘n See’ being open soon. Further plans for new buildings continue to be developed.

The Risk Sub-Committee presented an updated report. We thank the members of this Committee for guiding the Board on areas of risk. This enables the Board to take steps ahead of time and be prepared for any risks.

This month the Board have reviewed and affirmed two policies. These are –

  • Board Policy for Delegation of Authority
  • Board Policy for Official Board Positions