Board News – October

Board News – October

Psalm 121 is well known and continues to impact people. Tonight we were reminded of God’s goodness to us, and the assurance we have in God – the one who neither slumbers nor sleeps.  

We have learned much about the importance of prayer in working with the school. It was appropriate then to spend some extra time in prayer before we began the business of the meeting.  

One of our Board members, Jonathan Green, gave us a presentation on the impact of the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021. This Act has been passed and will become law in February 2022. The Board will be considering carefully our policies in response to this.  

While Mrs Wansbrough is away Mr Farmilo presented the Principal’s report. He commented on the delight of receiving an email from a parent thanking the staff at St Andrews for all the extra work that has been required over the lockdown.  

We want to give special thanks to the Learning Support Staff as well. We appreciate your extra work and dedication to your task.  

We are encouraged to hear about the growing use of the hub. This is proving to be an effective means of communication between parents and staff. Please continue to make use of this.  

The proposed budget for the 2022 year was presented to the Board tonight. With some discussion and questions answered, the budget was approved. Details of fees and levies for 2022 will be sent out. 

The Board Responsibility Policy was amended and approved. Like all policies it will be reviewed again in 12 months. 

We are pleased to announce that Peter Lewis has been re-nominated to continue as a member of the Board and as vice-Chair. Peter’s length of service with the Board and the wisdom he brings is a great blessing to the College. We are also pleased that Sharon Rowland has been re-appointed as the Board Secretary. In supporting this, Mr Waterworth spoke warmly of Sharon’s involvement in the College at more than just a Board level.  

Finally, to all our Year 12 students, may you know God’s blessing and peace as you head into your exams. Your final two years have been significantly different to what you had expected, indeed to what anyone had expected. Yet you have been diligent in your task and your studies. Well done. We will be praying for you as you begin your exams on Wednesday. And we will be praying that all you have learned and experienced at St Andrews will not just help you in the exams, but will also be a part of the foundation on which the rest of your life is built.  

Keep your eyes on Jesus. He will not fail you.