Board News – April 2020

Board News – April 2020

St Andrews Christian College Board Meeting – Thursday 23rd April 2020

The Board welcomed our newest member, the Rev. Barry Porter, a Presbytery nominee, to his first meeting.  We are delighted to have him join us.

Tonight we heard about the College’s progress with the provision of Continuous Online Learning – despite challenges to staff, students and parents, the process is going well: Students are learning and staff are working extremely hard to ensure students remain connected with each other, with their teachers and most importantly with their God. As a Board we are thankful for the wisdom and efforts of the College’s Leadership team. We ask that you join us in supporting our staff, students, and community through constant and persistent prayer knowing that it is only in His strength that we will succeed.
The fit out of the lower ground floor of the Middle School building is almost complete and landscaping works around the new building are in progress.
The 2019 Audited Financial Accounts were approved by the Board. These will be presented at the upcoming Annual General Meeting. This is usually held in May each year however due to current government restrictions on physical meetings, we will be deferring the AGM until later in the year.

Several Policies were also reviewed and approved for another 12 months.

Next meeting: Thursday May 28th 2020.