Board News – April 2023

Board News – April 2023

The Board commenced their meeting by reflecting on how we make decisions under the heading of “Faith Filled Wisdom”.  This was an opportunity for some constructive discussion on how we can continue to improve our decision making processes and ensure we are aligning to God’s will in our roles as stewards of the College.

As we prepare for the Annual General Meeting for 2023 the Board reviewed and approved the audited financial reports for 2022.  The AGM has been duly announced and will be held on May the 11th at the College.  We welcome the attendance of current parents to the AGM.

A standing item on the Board agenda is to discuss child protection processes in the College.  This month the Board discussed the roles assigned to act in response to any safety issues reported and how those roles were being communicated to staff, parents and students.

We also reviewed and approved two Board policies:  the Board Policy for Official Board Positions and the Board Conflict of Interest Policy.

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter break and are ready for an energetic and productive term.