Board News – August 2023

Board News – August 2023

It is good to meet onsite again and see the development of the new buildings and surroundings. This is appropriate as tonight we began by considering ‘place’. What does it mean to have the place that we have here in Wantirna? What are our buildings saying silently to our community, both inside and outside the College? And what is our place in the kingdom of God?

In July we spent a Saturday together, along with the board from Belgrave Heights Christian School, for a training session on School Governance. It was a very useful day together for both school boards.

Lisa Wilks-Beasy joined our meeting tonight. The Board appreciates hearing from members of the Executive Leadership Team about their area of responsibility in the College. The Board is thankful for the work of Lisa and others who particularly focus on the well-being of our students.

Principal Nick Haines gave a presentation on the proposed strategic plan for 2024-2027. The plan is developing well and there is a community meeting on August 31 to provide an update to the whole community.

The College is now at 680 students. This is a positive sign that families are keen to have their children attending St Andrews.

Please continue to pray for the Board, Principal, and all staff at St Andrews.