Board News – June 2022

Board News – June 2022

St Andrews Christian College Board Notes for June 2022

The Board has been working through the process of appointing a new principal. Some parents attended a community meeting earlier this year where the process was outlined. The Board appointed a recruitment agency to help with the advertising and shortlisting of applicants. 

Earlier this month a number of people were interviewed by the whole board. This was an encouraging day for the board. 

From here we are arranging a second interview with a smaller number of these applicants. 

We look forward to making a final announcement to the whole community as soon as appropriate to do so. 

Our Principal presented what will be one of her final reports. The Board have approved Mrs Wansbrough taking leave from August 15 2022 and making use of her annual and long service leave to the end of the year. We have great confidence in our Executive Leadership Team over this period. 

The Board, along with all staff, is determined to ensure that St Andrews is a safe place for children. We acknowledge the extra training the staff have been through already in 2022 in preparation for the updated Child Safe Standards. 

We are encouraged to hear that Lisa Wilks-Beasy is appointed as Child Protection Officer (CPO).  

The following policies were reviewed and approved for 12 months –

  • The Board Policy for Member Code of Conduct 
  • The Procedure for Board meetings – Standing Orders 

The College Child-Safe Code of Conduct was affirmed for another 12 months to June 2023 

There are empty spaces on the board and we are keen to see them filled. A letter will come to the College community soon inviting nominations. Please consider if this is a way you can serve the College. 

Thank you for continuing to pray for the leadership of St Andrews Christian College.