Board News – June 2023

Board News – June 2023

It’s good for the Board to meet together, not just to attend to the business of a Board meeting, but also to enjoy each other’s company. Tonight we began with a conversation about culture and the kind of culture we are experiencing in the Board, and in the whole College Community. We are encouraged to know that members of the College community have a positive view of the culture here. We believe that as we continue to keep our focus on Jesus and provide a biblically-based curriculum, our culture will continue to be a healthy one. 

One important task of the Board is to ensure that our finances are in order, so it was good to have our auditor, Matt Crouch from Saward Dawson give a presentation. Matt reminded us of our responsibilities and pointed out some changes in reporting that are now required. He is encouraged by the strength of the College’s financial controls, our ability to continue with building programs, and the work being done by Darren Waterworth and his team. 

We have some training events coming up this year for Board members to attend. In July we will meet with our friends at Belgrave Heights Christian School for some training. In September we meet for a planning day with support from Christian Schools Australia. 

St Andrews Christian College is a teaching and learning institution. But it’s not just students who are learning. Our Principal, Nick Haines, is involved in some areas of professional learning. Isn’t it good to have a principal who knows there is more to learn and is willing to do so!

We encourage all community members to look at You will find more information about this in the College newsletter. Please read it carefully.

Six board members along with some of the Executive Leadership Team attended the Christian Schools National Policy Forum in Canberra last month. This forum brings together school leaders from across the country to meet and interact with leaders from our country to discuss Christian education and policy. 

The following Board Policies have been reviewed and approved for two years-

  • Student-Safety-Definitions
  • Student-Safety-Responsibilities

Thank you everyone for your involvement in the College during second term. Enjoy the school holidays and stay safe & warm.