Board News – March 2020

Board News – March 2020

College Board Meeting – Thursday March 26th 2020

Like many of you, the College Board held its first ever Virtual meeting last week due to the current government restrictions on public gatherings.  We are thankful that we  have the technology (and know-how) to be able to do this.

The Board is extremely supportive of how Mrs Wansbrough and her team are leading the College through these unprecedented times.  Staff are doing an amazing job at delivering a new learning platform to all students – we ask that you join us in praying continuously for our College staff, for each other, and for our Country’s leaders as we all navigate these challenging times.

A draft version of the 2019 Statutory financial accounts was tabled – these will be reviewed and a final version produced in time for our AGM.  

The College will be joining with the Presbyterian Church of Victoria in the National Redress Scheme – this process is almost finalised.

The Risk Register (governance risks) was reviewed and confirmed as accurate by the Risk Committee;

The New Site Development Committee continues to investigate ways in which the College can meet the demand for Christian Education as evidenced by our enrolment waiting lists.

The Board is currently reviewing the College’s Enrolment Policy and the Statement of Belief as part of its governance responsibilities to ensure that these always remain accurate and representative of the College’s Mission, Vision and Values.  

Next meeting: Thursday April 23rd 2020.