Board News – March 2022

Board News – March 2022

Our meeting this month began with the sad news that Sab Ambrosino will be leaving the College Board next month. We thank Sab for his wisdom and involvement. More will be said next month.

Board meetings always include a devotion – a message from one of our board members that helps to focus our thoughts on Jesus. Tonight, Peter Lewis reminded us that we should remember the Bible speaks to us as a group, not just as individuals.

It was good to have our Principal with us tonight. We are pleased that she is recovering well. Thank you for continuing to pray.
The process for finding a new principal is underway and the Board have been discussing the next steps to take. While there isn’t much to report at this time, we plan for the advertising to begin before the end of term one.

Thank you to the community for completing the annual Satisfaction Survey. It is encouraging to see your satisfaction with the college. We acknowledge the difficulty of drop off and pick up and thank all parents and students for your patience and your smiles.

Our Business Manager, Darren Waterworth, has overseen a solid year in 2021. Our finances are in a healthy position. God is good.

Three policies were confirmed for another 12 months. These are –

  • Board Policy for Statement of Belief
  • Board Policy for Committees
  • Democratic Statement

The Board will host a College Community meeting soon. More information will be sent to you about this so stay tuned.
The Annual Meeting will be held on May 19 at 7.30pm. Please add this to your calendars.