Board News – May 2020

Board News – May 2020

St Andrews Christian College Board Meeting – Thursday 28th May 2020

Mr Michael Swanborough (Head of Learning and Teaching) presented to the Board on his first 4 months in the role. The Board was impressed to hear and see the culture of Continuous Online Learning and improvement that is evident across all aspects of the College. The College continues to grow and provide high standards of education whether that be on-campus or via the remote learning platform that has been used for most of Term 2.

The Board is very thankful and appreciative of the efforts and commitment of all College staff over these last few months in particular. There have been many difficulties and additional stresses to deal with in the COVID-19 environment. We know that staff are our greatest assets and we want to thank them for how they have persisted and excelled in so many ways.

You may have realised that the AGM was not held this year in May as it usually is. This decision was taken due to the government restrictions on physical meeting numbers. We will inform the Community as soon as we reschedule it.

The Board continues to investigate and seek out options for meeting the high demand for Christian Education in our area.

The Board also reviewed the new Reportable Conduct Allegations (Whistleblowing) Policy.

Next meeting: Thursday June 25th 2020.