Board News – November

Board News – November

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s will that prevails.” Prov 19:21

This was the verse of scripture used in our devotion tonight. Remembering not to fill our diary with activity now that everything is opening up, but to set time for the Lord and for family is important for us all. We don’t want to step outside the purpose of God. 

Once again we have the presence of Acting Principal Tim Farmilo. In his report he advised that he had heard from MP Nick Wakeling in response to the letters he had received over the Inherent Requirement Test before the State Parliament this week. Thank you all for taking the time to write those letters. 

You will already have received communication about a possible Covid case at St Andrews. Thank you all for being ready to make a quick change when it is necessary. A big “Well Done” to everyone who carried an extra load due to this. 

We were sad to hear that the mother of Paul Wansbrough, husband of Catriona, has died in Sydney. We prayed for the family, thankful that Paul and Catriona were in the state already and able to be there. 

We were also very sad to hear of the unexpected death of Shaun Beovich. Shaun has been a significant part of the College community. We thank God for his life, and pray for God’s peace for his family.

We thank Tim for his role on the Risk Management Sub-Committee and his valuable role here. 

The constitution of the Board of St Andrews is ready to be reviewed. Jonathan Green was able to give us some further guidance on how this can happen to ensure it is done legally and in good order. 

To the students and staff who are finishing their time at St Andrews this year, may God bless you in amazing ways.