Board News – October 2022

Board News – October 2022

St Andrews Board – October 2022

Our devotion tonight came from Jonathan Green. He took us to Mark 10 and the story of Bartimaeus being healed of his blindness. Jonathan pointed out that this was a busy day for Jesus, and yet Jesus stopped for him. There are other stories showing that Jesus often stopped and gave his time to people even in the midst of other activities. In our busy lives, it is an important message for all of us.

We are pleased to report that we now have a full board of 12 members. Tonight we welcomed Dr Rachel Bird to her first Board meeting. We look forward to welcoming two other parents nominated at the recent Extraordinary General Meeting in November.

We continue to be thankful for the work performed by our business manager and his team. The finances of the College continue to be in good strength even with a few expenses going beyond budget. The Board understands the reasons for these.

A draft budget for the 2023 year has been presented to the Board for our consideration. It will go to the Finance sub-committee for a final review before coming to the Board in our November meeting.

Acting-Principal Nick Haines, in his report, made mention of the whole school assembly and farewell dinner for our retiring Principal, Catriona Wansbrough earlier this month. We give thanks for her time of service at St Andrews, and give thanks for all those who worked so hard to make these events special.

The Board are encouraged to hear how Nick is meeting with all staff to hear from them as he prepares to move into the Principal position. We are also pleased to hear that Lisa Wilks-Beasy is beginning to transition into her new 2023 role as Deputy Principal – Operations.

Some key leaders have also presented a brief report through Nick’s report, and we thank Michael Swanborough, John Presant, and Tim Farmilo for their leadership.

Congratulations to all students involved in ICAS Assessments and Australian Mathematics Competition.

Sue Dunn presented her first report as chair of our Risk Committee. This committee is significant in the life of the Board as it endeavours to look into the future and prepare for any risks that might arise, as well as working with others in the school community to ensure the College is a safe place to be.

Tonight we voted on our Board positions. We are thankful for our members who continue in these roles –

Chair               James Bligh

Vice-Chair       Peter Lewis

Secretary        Sharon Rowland

Please continue to pray for these servants.