Board News – September 2022

Board News – September 2022

Peter Lewis was chairing our meeting tonight while our chairman is absent enjoying some time in London with his family. It must be an amazing time to be in England following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II earlier this month.

Our devotions focused on Galatians 1:4 where we are given a simple and encouraging outline of the gospel. No wonder Paul concludes by giving glory to God.

We are encouraged to learn that Lisa Wilks-Beasy has been appointed as Deputy Principal – Operations for 2023 onwards. We are also delighted to know that a new Head of Maths will begin in 2023. We thank God for those taking on these roles at St Andrews. We also pray for those positions yet to be filled.

The Business Manager’s report provided an update to building work happening at the College. We were pleased to learn that more toilets are to be installed over the Term 3 holidays. No doubt this will bring relief to many in the Primary School.

Tonight we reviewed and approved two policies for twelve months. They are

Board policy for Confidentiality

Board policy for Communications

We remind you all that there is an Extraordinary General Meeting scheduled for Thursday 6 October. At this meeting we will vote to adopt the proposed Constitution for the College. Importantly, we will also consider nominations from the Parent community to join the Board.

It was good to hear a report from one of our Board, Sue Dunn, from some governance training she has attended recently. We have been reminded of the important responsibility the Board has to ensure the College remains compliant in all areas.

We continue to pray for Mrs Wansbrough and look forward to celebrating with her soon.

Please join us also in praying for Mr Haines in his role as Acting Principal.