Mission and Service at St Andrews

Mission and Service at St Andrews

Developing a Missional and Service Mindset in Christian Education

Earlier this month, Principal Catriona Wansbrough joined Sandra Scott of Christian Schools Australia and ACSI (Association Christian Schools International) on their Horizons Podcast to talk about the intentional positioning of the Mission and Service Learning culture at St Andrews Christian College. As with all educational institutions St Andrews seeks to develop great global citizens, however our reason is different, as is reflected in our College’s Mission Service Learning program. It is learning for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.

Key things shared in the podcast:

  • School is about more than great academic results
  • Always focus on the ‘why’: what are our end goals?
  • In a Christian school, education is ultimately for the benefit of God’s Kingdom
  • How do we build a school culture which incorporates a missional and service mindset?
  • Priorities must be reflected in a school’s documents, budget, staffing, and time allocation
  • It all starts with intentional leadership

Listen to the Podcast Here