On-site Learning Forms

On-site Learning Forms

Due to the worsening Covid situation the Victorian Government has tightened the guidelines in regard to on-site learning at school for children.

Amongst those guidelines (as listed below) will be the requirement for the Parent/Guardian to submit the ‘ON-SITE ATTENDANCE  FORM’ on a weekly basis.

This will assist the school in providing appropriate resources and limit on-site learning to those children in genuine need.

The ‘ON-SITE ATTENDANCE  FORM’ can be accessed each week by clicking the link below.

Also in an effort to maintain up-to-date and accurate records please complete and return the ‘AUTHORISED WORKER PERMIT FORM’.

PLEASE COMPLETE & RETURN both forms as soon as  possible.

– ‘ON-SITE ATTENDANCE  FORM’ to download click HERE. 


The weekly ‘On-site Attendance Form’ must be emailed to Mr Peter Friend by the 4.00pm Friday prior to the start of the following week.

Unexpected changes to your child’s attendance and any additional correspondence must be directed to Mr Peter Friend and NOT to Teachers, Learning Assistants or other College staff:

Contact details are:

Mr Peter Friend – Communications Manager 


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Kind Regards

Peter Friend