St Andrews Christian College Board – April 2018 Meeting

St Andrews Christian College Board – April 2018 Meeting

Our opening devotion based on Acts reminded us that although our path ahead is full of uncertainty, we need to meet this uncertainty with prayer and listening to God’s voice before stepping forward.

Tenders for our next building project will be closing early May and we continue to ask that the College community support this process with prayer so that we may get the best outcome for the College.

Yvonne Hughes, Head of Junior School, joined us and talked to us about the culture of continuous improvement in the Junior School, how staff are teaching students to work in groups, to provide useful feedback, the renewed focus on STEM subjects, and IT.  This is all taught in a context of assisting children to understand what the whole Bible has to say to them about God and Christian living.

Demand for spots in the Junior School in particular are in high demand (and growing).  With a long waiting list for Prep, the Board was reminded of our responsibility to cater for families in the area that are seeking a Christian education for their children.

We signed off on the Audited Financial Accounts for the year ended December 31st 2017.  These will be presented to the College community at the AGM to be held on Thursday May 31st, 7:30pm in the Senior School Building.  All parents and guardians are encouraged to come.

Also at the AGM, two board positions will be available for parent nominated persons.  We are glad to hear that our current board member Alan MacGavin will be re-standing for one of these positions.  If you are interested in standing or know of someone whom you think would be suited to this role, please look out for the nomination form which will be published on the website with the AGM notice.