St Andrews Christian College Board – March 2018 Meeting

St Andrews Christian College Board – March 2018 Meeting

With the Easter weekend not far away, we shared tonight from Mark 14. The beginning of this chapter is both a challenge and an encouragement for followers of Jesus. What will you be remembered for?

The preparations for the next building project continues. Tenders will open during the school holidays and we wait with interest to see which builders are best suited to help us.

Thank you for praying for the negotiations regarding Rembrandts. While there has been some progress it isn’t yet concluded. We would appreciate your continued prayer.

Once again we continue our practice of renewing our policies. At this month’s meeting we have approved these policies:

  • Board policy for Communications
  • Board policy for Confidentiality

And have affirmed:

  • The College Child Safety Policy – Sections 4-6

We are very pleased that our principal, Mrs Wansbrough, has the chance to visit Israel early in term 2. We know that visiting biblical sites will be a great experience for her and that this will be a great help in her understanding of the gospel story. She will have great stories to tell when she returns.

It was good to have our deputy principal, Tim Farmilo with us tonight. We heard about the team that work together on time tabling, the great resource that Care Monkey has proven to be, and the ongoing developments in IT within the College. We thank Tim for all that he is doing and for his Godly leadership in the College.

Members of the Board are grieving with the college community after the death of Renee Fan last weekend. Thank you for supporting each other and for praying for Renee’s family at this time.

We remind you that the AGM is coming up on April 26 and there is room for another representative on the Board. If you are interested, please look out for the nomination forms. Or, if you know someone else who could be nominated, please talk with them.

Thank you all for what you are doing in the College community.