St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Board – July 27 2017

Many in our community may not be aware that all schools need to be registered. Over some months there has been a group of people working hard behind the scenes to ensure that St Andrews Christian College is compliant. The Board acknowledges with thankfulness, the people who have been so busy with this work. We are delighted to know that the work has been rewarded, and St Andrews is fully compliant in all areas for school registration.

It was good to turn up to the school tonight and see the new street crossing in front of the school. We believe this will help to keep our students safe. We ask all parents to make good use of this crossing.

Mr Waterworth has returned from his long service leave and is looking refreshed. Once again, we thank Greg Waterhouse for his work while Darren was away.

Draft plans for the next building project have been submitted to the Property Committee. If you come to the Senior School Expo on August 15 you should have a chance to look some of these plans. There will be a lot of other good things happening at this Expo as well.

The Board have approved the following important documents:

  • Board Delegation of authority Policy
  • Board Policy for Official Board Positions
  • Board Appointments Policy

Please continue to be praying for the Board of your college.