St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Board – August 31 2017

Our meeting this month included a presentation from Mrs Fiona Bligh on the issue of Child Protection. Fiona is the Safe Church Facilitator for the Presbyterian Church in Victoria. She was able to help us understand our obligations and duties as board members in regard to child protection. The Child Safe Standards that have been introduced through the Victorian Government are standards that we as a school community need to keep in mind.

Over recent years the Board have worked diligently to ensure that our own standards are up to date, and we have been affirmed in this. We have also  been left with good questions to be considering in our meetings and in our planning.

We were pleased to have Mr Tim Farmilo at the Board meeting while Mrs Wansbrough is away.

The Risk Committee of the Board presented a report and the Board have approved the Policy for Risk Management and the Risk Register.

The Conflict of Interest Policy has been approved for another 12 months.

Please continue to be praying for the Board of your college.