St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Board – September 21 2017

We were pleased to have Mrs Yvonne Hughes at the Board meeting to tell us about her recent journey to Chicago for the Global Leadership Summit. Her visit to Christian universities and high schools has clearly been an encouragement and inspiration. Conferences like these are a great investment in the leaders of our College. There will be a student Global Leadership Conference being held at Hillcrest College in October that Yvonne will be helping to lead.

Recently, a letter was sent around the College Community about the postal survey which is taking place in Australia. This correspondence had been approved and endorsed by the Board before being sent.

We have been encouraged to see that the student numbers are continuing to grow at a steady rate.

The sub-committees of the Board work hard on their various responsibilities. Tonight, we particularly thank the finance and the property committees for their work.

Please continue to be praying for the Board of your college.