St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Board – October 2017

Tonight we began with an extended time of prayer, praying with thankfulness for those students who have completed their year 12 studies and now wait for their exams to begin. We also prayed with thanksgiving for Shaun Beovich for his faithful work with the PFA.

Our principal’s report continues to be an encouragement to the board. We have heard of growing numbers in the school community and particularly the strong growth in the senior school numbers.

The property, risk, and finance sub-committees have all met in this last month. The property committee continue the preliminary work on the next phase of our building program. The risk committee have worked to be ready for any issues that might arise. The finance committee have presented a budget for 2018. This budget has been accepted and approved by the board. While there is a modest increase in tuition fees, there is also an increase in the third sibling discount that is offered.

Two board positions were voted on tonight. We are pleased to report that Peter Lewis has been appointed as Vice-Chair of the Board, and Sharon Rowland as Secretary for another 12 months. We are also pleased that Sharon Rowland and Adrian Rowley have agreed to serve on the board for another three years.

Please continue to be praying for the Board of your college.