St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Christian College Board News

February 2017

The first meeting of 2017 began with an extended period of prayer. Members of the board prayed with thankfulness for the beginning of the school year, for new staff and for continuing staff, for students who are now beginning life at university, and importantly for our students to continue to learn to live for Jesus.

The theme for the school year, “Be strong and courageous”, taken from Joshua 1:9, is acknowledged and supported enthusiastically by the board. May God help us all to be strong and courageous in our faith.

We were saddened to accept a resignation letter from one of our board members, Sandy Carroll. Sandy’s time on the board has been reasonably brief, but her contribution has been significant.

It is always good to hear the principal’s report, and this month we were pleased to hear that our student numbers are slightly higher than expected. We looked through the 2016 Vividus survey. The results of this survey show a continued improvement in all areas of the college. We thank all the staff, students, and parents who took the time to complete this survey.

The board have affirmed the Statement of Faith again, and have signed their agreement to this. We have also affirmed the Democratic Statement. Both of these statements are available to be viewed on the website.

The Annual General Meeting has been set down for Thursday April 27 2017. Please mark this in your diaries.