St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Christian College Board News

23 March 2017

Tonight our principal, Mrs Wansbrough, shared with the Board what she shared in the recent newsletter regarding service and mission. We would encourage all members of the community to be involved in areas of service and mission where you can.

Child safety is an issue and a priority for schools and impacts all areas of the College. With new standards being introduced by the State Government, this also impacts St Andrews. The Board is pleased that our standards and our staff are up to date and compliant with this important regulation.

This week St Andrews was visited by four members of the Block Grant Authority – people who decide which schools can receive government funding for certain projects. We thank Mr Darren Waterworth for his hard work preparing for this visit. We also thank you all, and ask for your continued prayer support for this.

The board have been advised of the proposed development on the Foodstar site on Tyner Road. Concern was raised about the safety of our children with the expected large increase in traffic. The Board have supported the action of Mr Waterworth in raising an objection with the Knox Council due to the likely impact this development would have on traffic and safety of our children.

We are always pleased to hear about property improvements being planned at St Andrews. At the start of term 2 students and staff should see a new surface on the Basketball Courts, new concrete paths, and the middle school lockers and junior school toilets being relocated.

We remind all members of the community that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday April 27 2017 at 7.30pm in the upstairs room of the Innovation Centre.