St Andrews Christian College Board News

April 2017

Tonight was the Annual General Meeting for St Andrews. Our chairman, James Bligh, spoke briefly and joyfully about the blessing that this college is and has received. Principal, Catriona Wansbrough reminded us that we are not just a place of learning and teaching, but a place of transformation. She highlighted the work of the board, the executive team, teachers and all staff. She also mentioned the important role of the parents of this community.

Our business manager, Darren Waterworth, presented the financial report. These finances have been audited by Saward Dawson again and reveal that St Andrews is in a very healthy financial position. We thank you, the parents of the community, for your involvement and for paying your fees on time.

There were no nominations for the open position on the board.

We thank those who attended the AGM tonight.


Following the AGM, the board met for the monthly meeting.

Ensuring that St Andrews is properly registered is a huge administrative task, and some members of staff have been very busy for many months to ensure this happens. This is a huge extra load for these people. We thank those who have done all this hard work.

Darren Waterworth will be away from the college while he enjoys some long service leave. We thank him for his diligent work at St Andrews over the last ten years and trust that he will return refreshed and ready for more years at the college.

The board are always considering the future of the college. This is reflected in ongoing property work, in the leadership development that happens here and is supported by the board, and in our support for financial health. The board now turn again to strategically thinking about what the college can be in the future. Please be praying for us as we continue to seek God’s guidance.