St Andrews Christian College Board News

St Andrews Board – June 22 2017


We were pleased tonight to have John Presant, head of Senior School give a presentation. We have been reminded that the number of students in year 12 is continuing to grow, and so we need to think about what that means for the College in the future. This year we are hoping to hold VCE exams at the College rather than somewhere else. The senior school “Expo Night” will be held on August 15. We encourage all families to attend this event.

We are also encouraged to know that the range of subject choices for VCE students continues to be evaluated. We do have a good range of subjects available, and are continuing to determine how we can expand.

The board are greatly encouraged by the glimpse of the future that we have seen, and also grateful for the foundation that this future will be built upon.

The principal’s report included the wonderful news that there will be a school crossing on Tyner Rd for Term 3. Please make use of this.

Mrs Wansborough has attended a National Policy Forum in Canberra and heard Dr Andrew Johnstone speak on the topic of Faith Formation. Again, the board recognises that it is the work of the college to focus on the whole child – academically, spiritually, emotionally, etc. Developing the Christian Faith of our students is of prime importance.

The Board acknowledge the excellent work being done by Greg Waterhouse in the role of Business Manager while Mr Waterworth is away.

The Board have approved the following important documents:

  • Board Appointments Policy
  • Board Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Board Code of Conduct
  • Board Standing Orders

Please continue to be praying for the Board of your college.