St Andrews Christian College Board – October 2018 Meeting

St Andrews Christian College Board – October 2018 Meeting

Our October meeting began with a reminder that God is in control of all things and that with him the future is bright. It was good to hear a song from an alumni, Caleb Lewis, reminding us of this.

While Mrs Wansbrough has been away, Tim Farmilo has been presenting a report to the Board. Tonight was his final report and we heard more about Relational Schools. This is built on the premise that education is best when relationships between teacher and student etc are good relationships.

We thank Tim for his work in the school, but particularly for his work over the last few months. And we welcome Mrs Wansbrough back to the College next week.

Setting a budget for the next year is a serious responsibility that this Board carries. We have skilled and wise people on the finance sub-committee who work to ensure St Andrews continues to be in a positive financial position. Tonight, the Board have discussed the budget for 2020, asked important questions, and have settled on the necessary figures. Community members will be formally advised shortly.

The new building is progressing well and at this stage it looks like it will be completed on time. The ground works have gone ahead without problems. Also, the uniform shop should be open again soon.