Survey Reflects Positive Improvement

Survey Reflects Positive Improvement

Vividus Marketing have just released their findings into the performance of St Andrews Christian College for the 2018 school year.

A comprehensive study was undertaken across all facets of the College’s activities and a number of findings emerged in regard to the College’s overall performance and satisfaction levels.

Consequently, the board are pleased to announce that the College has shown significant improvement across all areas with it’s greatest strengths reflected in;

1- the Christian ethos/values

2-The quality of teaching

3-The performance of students in Academics

4-The sense of community within the College

5-The leadership of the College

Top Areas of Satisfaction were;

1-Appropriate Christian Emphasis (96%)

2-Effective communication methods (96%)

3-Caring attitudes of Teachers towards students (95%)

4-The College’s vision and mission integrated into school life (94%)

5-Positive Christian value reflected by staff (93%)

A more detailed breakdown of results can be viewed by clicking the link below.