Year 12 Testimonials 2017

Year 12 Testimonials 2017


The time I’ve spent at St Andrews has allowed me to grow into the person I am today. The school has given me my education, my skills and it has given me friends that I will always remember. I have been at the school since year 5, and since then I have evolved both on a personal level and in my spiritual adventures with God. I will cherish the memories that I have made here at school and I will never forget the lessons that they taught me. Going to St. Andrews has been a great and unique experience and I will be forever grateful for everything they have given me.


Over the years I’ve been at St Andrews, I’ve learnt a lot about Maths and English and Science. But these aren’t what this school is all about – it’s more than just good grades. St Andrews taught me about friendship and forgiveness, about kindness and compassion, and most of all about faith. I will always treasure my time at St Andrews, and am incredibly thankful to all the teachers and other students with whom I had the privilege to attend.


I came to this College in Year 1 (2006) and made lots of friends. My experience at this College was very exciting and joyful. I always received help from teachers and students whenever I had a problem with my studies. Years 11 & 12 were the best of my 12 years at school because of how close I got with students and teachers. Year 12 is hard. “Yes!”  But we must not forget that it is the last year at school. Without having a bit of fun, it’s just another year of exhausting studies.  I’d like to thank the College for a great experience!


St Andrews Christian College has made a positive impact towards my life. The friendships I’ve made at this school makes it seem as if I have known them forever. The teachers at this school have helped me throughout my time at St. Andrews putting an effort into helping me to strive to be the best I could possibly be which was something I didn’t feel like I could do at my old school. The memories made at St Andrews will be cherished and kept close to my heart for the rest of my life.


My six years at St Andrews Christian College have had a large impact on my life. The classes have given me the opportunity to attain a great deal of knowledge. I will miss the Christian environment when I leave.


When I reflect on my years at St Andrews I realise I’ll be missing it when I leave.  It has been a roller coaster journey and I have made so many valuable and hopefully life-long friendships.  I am particularly thankful for the passionate and ever supportive teachers of St Andrews especially through the journey of Year 12.  I will be forever grateful for all the support, compassion and understanding.


My 8 years at St Andrews has had positive impacts in all aspects of my life, from personal growth to growth in Christ Jesus. The college has helped me reach the next stage of my life and given me a strong foundation on which to build the rest of my life. I have made many connections over the years, advanced many skills and I will always cherish my time at St Andrews.


I’ve been at St Andrews for 13 years, which is pretty crazy, and I have learnt so much- from volcanic eruptions and the gold rush to how to (sort of) play hockey. I’m so thankful I have been able to grow up in this community, and I have always felt supported by my teachers.

I’ve built up a stack load of memories throughout my years at the school- like when Olivia Rowland fainted in the middle of a tour in a museum during our Canberra camp, and the time one of the doors in the girls’ bathroom slammed so hard on my finger that my nail fell off. I will never forget the long bus rides to South Australia for music competitions, or the time we bought Mr Batty 10kg of onions. I know that I’ll miss so many things next year: seeing all the great people in other year levels every day, going to prayer group led by Mrs deMeester, eating cereal in the common area at recess and the flowers near the flag pole which smell nice.

I am thankful for English classes which challenged me to think hard, for the many devotions I’ve heard in assemblies or homeroom which have encouraged me, and especially for all the teachers who have prayed for me or with me, or talked to me about Jesus.


Throughout my involvement in the St. Andrews community for the past 5 years, personal growth has been a focal point for me, in preparation for life outside of a classroom. With incredible support from teachers and fellow classmates, my moral compass has matured and my relationship with God has flourished in ways I never thought were possible. St Andrews has provided me with multiple opportunities to sow into other people’s lives, revealing my passion for helping those in need. This has enabled me to know the career path I want to peruse in humanitarian aid, with my foundations firmly set in Christ. I feel so privileged to be a part of a school with an environment that values each individual student and the worthy contributions they have to offer.


Looking back to starting at St Andrews 13 years ago in prep back at Burwood, what a journey it has been. Filled with many exciting and joyful memories, my time here at St Andrews has been characterised by the teachers that have supported me and encouraged me over the years not only in my studies but also in my faith. My teachers have journeyed with me during the good times and stressful times, continually encouraging us to rely on God. Highlights of the past 13 years include: Year 6 camp at Kangaroobie (yes it still is the best camp); participating in interschool sports; attending ski camps at Mt Buller and Mt Hotham; partaking in several school musicals but by far my highlight of highlights is all the amazing friendships I have been able to form over the years. Having a small cohort meant I was able to get to know each person in our year level, creating strong and lasting friendships with many in my own year and many in those above and below. Every year when I see the Year 12s leave it is like seeing a part of the family of St Andrews move out, and now that I have reached that stage I am very sad to leave what has been my home for the past 13 years. As I journey into the future I will take with me the resilience and values instilled in me by the students and teachers of St Andrews, to always do your best for God’s glory! Peace out.


I have enjoyed my 13 years at St Andrews Christian College. I have loved every moment that I have had with all my friends. The college has helped me to create many friendships that I am hoping to keep for many years to come. I hope that other students will benefit from the school as much as I have. I have heard of other schools doing activities that have never been heard of at this school. Some of my friends that have moved have realised the difference between the Christian values of this school compared to other schools and will miss this environment.


I came to St Andrews in Year 10, recommended by a family at church and have made genuine and encouraging friends who have helped me enjoy my last few years of high school. My teachers have taught me resilience and perseverance to see something through to its end and I have learned to “Be Only Strong” Joshua 1:9.


I have been blessed to attend this closely connected school and made unforgettable memories with everyone. The teachers show a great deal of support when it comes to my studies and my relationship with God. It’s been wonderful to watch St Andrews Christian School grow since 2012 with the fabulous new senior building that has brought in more valuable resources for us students to use.


I have attended St Andrews since Prep and my years here have been filled with great experiences and memories. During my time here, I have benefited greatly from the strong relationships with teachers and students, resulting from the community atmosphere embodied within the school. Unlike many other similar schools, the teachers at St Andrews employ a consistent and active approach to implementing Christianity into everyday teaching, and support their pupils generously in all aspects of student life. St Andrews, for me, has been an undeniably positive experience overall.


What a wonderful way to end the last year of our schooling career. We have gone through times of stress, times of laughter, times of sadness and times of joy. Now we have made it! It says in Deuteronomy 15:11 “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be open handed towards your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.” We built each other up in their hour of need and because of this we survived an excellent year.


St Andrews Christian College has been a great 13 year-long experience. Since I have been here since prep, I have seen the school grow and am proud to say I am a student here. This school has a great community and Christian environment. The students are more than a mere number here and the teachers really care about the growth of the students. Being part of this College has allowed me to develop as an individual and build a relationship with God. I will always remember what this school has done for my life and cherish this 13 years for the rest of my life.


Year 12 was my 13th year at St Andrews. Over the last 13 years, I’ve learned the value of friendships and facing hardship with a sense of humour. St Andrews has given me an environment to fully explore myself, my passions, and my abilities. Through a strong sense of unity, vibrant and open classmates, and caring teachers, the school has allowed me to find a community in which I feel I belong.


The ups and downs of Year 12 and VCE cannot compare to the support from such caring friends I have made throughout the past 13 years at St Andrews Christian College. The experiences growing up in this school has taught me so much about God and the huge impact such a positive community can truly help an individual. I am beyond grateful for the care teachers have for students and the students have for one another. It is a bittersweet feeling leaving school this year but I wouldn’t trade any memories that have been made here.


I came to St Andrews Christian College at the end of 2014. That was Year 9 and I had to face this unknown environment. However my new classmates gave me the feeling of great belonging. I also found out that teachers here are all friendly. I learnt a lot during this 3 year-time, and I have so many different memories. I believe that is such a great experience in my lifetime. Thank you, St Andrews.


I have been at St Andrews Christian College since Prep in 2005. When I first came to this school, there were less than 400 students. Now St Andrews consists of almost 600. As St Andrews has grown in numbers, so too have I grown in my faith. St Andrews has given me many opportunities to better myself in academics, sports and leadership. It is clear that God is the centre of this school through the attitudes shown by teachers, parents and students. St Andrews has shaped me to become the person I want to be.


At my time at St Andrews I have learnt a lot, not only academically but also spiritually in Christ. I came here in Year 7 and I remember coming to school every day and the two Year 7 rooms would be packed with students. Six years later in Year 12, the smaller class sizes has helped us build an even stronger friendship with each other. Being at St Andrews was a wonderful experience for me and I do also encourage others to join this wonderful community at St Andrews Christian College.


I came to St Andrews in the beginning of Year 9 expecting to only stay a year but I ended up staying here to finish through to Year 12. I settled in quickly and made wonderful friends. The friendships developed here at St. Andrews have had a great positive impact on me, staying with me through the fun times and hardships, and I believe they will stick with me for a long time to come. I have been provided with inspiring opportunities through the school’s music, leadership and new wellbeing programs. I have been able to have exciting experiences such as competing in Generations in Jazz and hosting wellbeing promotion events including Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas In July, and R U OK Day. The memories I have of those events I will treasure forever. I will be graduating from St Andrews feeling ready for the world after school and excited for what is to come.


I came to St Andrews in Year 4 and over the years, I have had numerous ups and downs – both inside and outside of school. I wouldn’t be the same girl I am today without the St Andrews community. I am extremely thankful for these past years at St. Andrews and as I move onto the next phase in my life, I’ll remember everything that St Andrews has taught me and carry it with me.


At St Andrews I have been introduced to friends I know I will have for life. I loved getting to spend time every day with friends who not only make me laugh constantly, but support me unconditionally. Some of my favourite memories have been made at the all camps over the years and getting to try out new activities.


Year 12 has been a challenging year as both a student and as an individual. There is no denying it’s been hard, with mounting pressure and juggling commitments. But I have to say that I’ve also learnt a lot about myself and my relationship with God. In that way I think I’ve grown more than I expected to. I’ve also loved becoming so much closer with a lot of my classmates as we survive Year 12 together. VCE Camp was definitely one of my highlights, where we all had an opportunity to bond and have fun as a cohort before our final year together.


I came to St Andrews Christian College in Year 3 – it was my first ever year at a ‘real’ school. I was previously home-schooled by my amazing mother (who later joined staff here!), and while being surrounded by a bunch of other kids and actually having to do maths at a specific time was new and different, the school’s welcoming atmosphere made the transition much easier. I’ve been a part of the school community for 10 years in all, and my experience has been that the college has solid Christ-centred values that are upheld by the supportive teachers, and the students are encouraged in their faith. The small classes mean you are never lost in the crowd – every student is a part of a welcoming, Christian community and that is something to value. So thank you for that, maybe people think it doesn’t make a difference but it really does.


No doubt, Year 12 has been an incredibly stressful year. But it is during these demanding and difficult times that am I truly able to appreciate the wonderful teachers and friends I have at St Andrews. Not only supporting me through the hard times but also joining me in celebrating my successes. 2017 has been a cohort – we’re a family!